Intrauterine Insemination


The Intrauterine Insemination Process

After a woman’s monthly cycle has been regulated, oral fertility drugs are prescribed to stimulate multiple egg follicle production.


The provider regularly monitors the growth of the egg/follicles through frequent vaginal ultrasound imaging and blood tests. Once the egg follicles have reached a mature stage, ovulation is induced using a trigger medication, human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG). The hCG triggers ovulation timed with the immediate insemination of a highly concentrated amount of motile sperm into the woman’s cervix using a very thin catheter. The insemination procedure is relatively painless because it is similar to a Pap smear, however, some cramping may occur.


We may recommend three to four IUI cycles before In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is considered.

The goal at Duni Women’s Healthcare and Fertility is to give women/couples the best and lowest cost approach to becoming pregnant. If a BIT will not be the initial best and cost-effective approach for a patient at our facility, a referral will be completed for an IVF consultation.