Gynecological Problems

Group of young women with hands on stoma

Vaginal bleeding and discharge are a normal part of your menstrual cycle prior to menopause. However, if you notice anything different or unusual, consult Duni before attempting to treat yourself. Symptoms may result from mild infections that are easy to treat. However, it can lead to a more serious condition, including infertility. Vaginal symptoms may also be a sign of more serious problems, from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to cancers of the reproductive tract.​

Symptoms of Gynecology Problems


  • frequent and urgent need to urinate or a burning sensation during urination

  • abnormal vaginal bleeding, particularly during or after intercourse

  • pain or pressure in your pelvis that differs from menstrual cramps

  • itching, burning, swelling, redness, or soreness in the vaginal area

  • sores or lumps in the genital area

  • vaginal discharge with an unpleasant or unusual odor, or an unusual color

  • increased vaginal discharge

  • pain or discomfort during intercourse

Early detection and intervention, increases the chances of a successful treatment. Call our office at (708) 481-0095 if you are observing any of these symptoms.