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Women's care. 

​Welcome to Concierge women's care at Duni. A membership based concierge primary care to meet women's needs and lifestyle.

Duni's mission is a future whereby quality healthcare is accessible to every women.

" Because we see people, not just patients" 


Every woman deserves a quality healthcare.

Nurse Practitioner in Mokena, Illinois

Duni uses a holistic approach to care for women. We empower our patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There is no waiting for the next available appointment. You may not have to drive to the office. There is no need to verify if your visit will be covered by your insurance plan. There is no hassle of a copay or deductible. There is no pre-approval. There is no surprise bill to pay. There is no prior authorization for your appointment. You connect with your provider when, where, and how you want.


We have seen so many of her patients lives transform over the years. Invest in yourself. Invest in your health.

Investing in your physical and mental health is a lifetime investment.

Victoria Fadiya, DNP, APRN

Board-Certified Women's Healthcare NP

Young Women with Backpacks

"I don’t leave a lot of reviews but I felt like I needed to because this was the best gynecologist experience I have ever had. She is very informative and I could tell she cares a lot about her patients and the care they receive. She even had a student with her to observe and she was amazing as well. Any woman in this area should give this office a try! These are awkward and uncomfortable visits but she truly made me feel comfortable every step of the way!!"

Stephanie A.

Our Concierge Women's care

 Is a membership model that includes:


  • The traditional primary care for a woman.We 
    provide our patients a standard of care beyond what is typically found in the traditional setting.

  • Allow us to spend more time together.

  • Allow us to work towards a lifestyle of prevention and wellness rather than just treating illness.

  • We offer greater access, creating the time needed to provide highly personalized and accessible care, leading to improved health outcomes for you. 

Talking in Headset
Female Business Owners

Who should join our Concierge Women's care? 

  • Patients who want greater access to their personal woman healthcare provider.

  • Patients seeking personal primary care experience with women’s health/gynecologic expertise.

  • Patients who want highly personalized and accessible care.

  • Patients who want access to same-day or next-business-day appointments for urgent matters, longer appointment times, little-to-no-wait times.

  • Patients who want a practice that is dedicated specifically to the complex health needs of women.

  • Patients who want to work towards a lifestyle of prevention and wellness rather than just treating illness.

  • Patients who travel often. 

  • College student and or young adults. 

  • Women of all ages. 

Membership Benefits

  • All inclusive women healthcare.

  • Access to the practice as a member. 

  • Specialty visits to address unique and often complex women’s health issues such as menopause, fertility etc.

  • Longer appointments, 30-60 minutes. No rush. 

  • Priority access to your preferred provider is guaranteed. 

  • Office visits within 24 hours or the next business day guaranteed, if required

  • After hours and weekend access guaranteed.

  • Access to deeply discounted laboratory testing and imaging offering in the office, up to 78%.

  • Option to bill laboratory testing and imaging to insurance. 

  • ​​Coordination of specialist referral outside our office.

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'Dr Victoria is very genuine and caring. She cares about me, not just as a patient but as a young girl and my experiences regarding my health and practices. I began coming to her when I was 16 years old and it was the best decision my mom could've made for me. I'm so glad she found her.'



Young Businesswomen

Membership Investment

Monthly Investment
Age 25 years & younger - $25 per month
Age 26 to 44  - $45 per month
Age 45 - 64 - $ 65 per month
Age 66 and older - $85 per month

Office Visit Cost
60 minutes appointment - $85
30 minutes appointment - $45
15 minutes 
appointment - $25

  • HSA can be used for office visits, if applicable. 

  • Laboratory testing can be submitted to insurance, if applicable.

  • Patient have the option to pay for laboratory testing at a deeply discounted rate, up to 78%.

"After having one child conceived after being pumped full of fertility meds via IUI at a local “baby factory” I knew I wanted a different experience the second time around and Victoria fit the bill. She worked closely with me, listened to my concerns and input and always always kept me in the loop on blood work, labs results, etc.. I truly felt heard and she took my concerns and preference on approach seriously. After 3 months I was pregnant with my second child.
I highly recommend her as a medical professional and even more so as a medical partner. She may not be for everyone but for those she is a fit for she is an excellent fit.
Aside from all that she is personable and incredibly kind."

Gina E.

Membership based and transparent accessible pricing.

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