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Pap Smear Clinic in Olympia Fields, IL

Duni Women’s Health Care Is Located at 2555 Lincoln Highway St. 205A Olympia Fields, IL 60461. Our Clinic Offers Pap Smear Tests That Will Identify Irregular Cells or Changes to Cells in the Cervix. For More Information Call (708) 584-1075.

Pap Smear Clinic in Olympia Fields, IL

My Pap Smear is Abnormal Should I be Worried?

An abnormal pap smear result means some cervical cells have changed. But it doesn’t mean you have cancer. In fact, most women who have an abnormal result do not have cervical cancer. Some other reasons for an abnormal result are inflammation, infection, herpes, trichomoniasis, HPV, etc. Our experienced nurse practitioner may suggest further testing based on the pap smear results.

Will I Require More Tests?

If your pap smear is abnormal additional testing may be advised. Your doctor may suggest the following tests:

Our women’s health practitioner can use a colposcopy to allow for a better view of your cervix.  A speculum is a device containing a lens and bright light that can focus on any suspicious looking areas. This is an in house procedure that can help to diagnose cervical cancer, genital warts, vaginal cancer, and vulvar cancer, as well.

If tissue areas in and around the cervix still cause your doctor to be concerned, they may take a sample of the tissue to send to a laboratory for additional testing. This is known as a biopsy. Your doctor will follow up with the results.

Duni Women’s Healthcare in Olympia Fields IL can diagnose and treat abnormal pap smears. Our clinic is located at 2555 Lincoln Highway St. 205A Olympia Fields, IL 60461. We offer convenient weekend & early hours, same day appointments, discounted billing for cash paying patients, licensed & certified female practitioners. To book an appointment call us at (708) 584-1075.