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Family Planning In Olympia Fields, IL

Duni Women’s Healthcare Provides Family Planning & Birth Control Options. We Offer IUD Insertion & Removal. We Are Located at 2555 Lincoln Highway St. 205A Olympia Fields, IL 60461. Call Us at (708) 584-1075 for Information or Book an Appointment Online.

Family Planning Near me

Deciding to add to your family is a huge decision. You may not have met the right person yet, or maybe you want to wait to have a second child until the first goes to kindergarten. It’s all possible with the family planning options Duni Women’s Healthcare provides. In fact, more options exist than just the pill to help you. when considering birth control options near you Duni Women’s Healthcare, located in Olympia Fields, IL, can assist you in deciding on the best course of action for you.

Family Planning Options

An option for birth control that’s gaining in popularity is an intrauterine device (IUD). Our practitioner places the implant into your uterus. You may choose between one that releases hormones or a copper one. Both work as a long-term option and are 99-percent effective at preventing pregnancy. Another option is an implant. We make a tiny incision in your arm and position a device that’s similar in size to a matchstick. The device releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. It lasts up to five years.

You may want to consider the ring. This particular family planning method consists of a ring that’s placed inside your vagina. It releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. You have to replace the ring once monthly for it to continuously work effectively.
We offer the option of the birth control shot, which you’ll need to come into our office to get once every three months. It contains a hormone that stops you from ovulating and increases the thickness of your cervical mucus.

Additionally, you have the option of a birth control patch. You must replace the patch weekly. When you place it on a part of your body, it emits hormones transdermally in order to prevent pregnancy. We also offer birth control pills. These are a bit more inconvenient for women but are affordable. Depending on the hormone, these either prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation or preventing sperm from reaching the egg.

What to Consider

You want to consider the cost, so you have an option you can continue with. If you find yourself unable to afford your birth control, you more than likely won’t use it properly. While birth control pills are more cost-efficient in terms of your immediate expense, you repeatedly must refill your prescription on time. The expense of an IUD is more initially, but you don’t have to worry about it for years.

The next aspect of birth control to consider is the time you have to invest in taking it. If you live a hectic life, you might find it difficult to remember to get your prescription refilled or visit the gynecologist as frequently as you need. In these instances, it might be better to consider either the implant or an IUD.

Additionally, you should take into consideration how long you want to prevent pregnancy. If you don’t plan on having children any time in the near future, you obviously want an option that lasts and that you don’t have to worry about. If you plan on having children in the near future, you’ll want to discuss the best option that you can stop when you want and begin trying to conceive immediately.

Duni Women’s Healthcare offers in office IUD Insertion and removal of ParaGard, Mirena and Kyleena intrauterine devices. Our trusted staff also provides Nexplanon implant insertion. Our trusted doctor will help you determine what form of birth control is right for you.

The final aspect you want to consider is whether you want a hormonal option. If you have side effects from hormonal birth control, certain options aren’t for you. This is also important if you want an option that regulates or reduces your premenstrual symptoms and menstruation.

Schedule an appointment with Duni Women’s Healthcare, serving Olympia Fields, IL and the surrounding area, to discuss your family planning options today. We’re available by calling (708) 584-1075.