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About Duni Women’s Healthcare in Olympia Fields, IL

Our Trusted & Experienced Certified Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioner Dr. Victoria Ajiboye, DNP, APN & Her Staff Provide A Wide Variety of Gynecological & General Health Services to Adolescents & Females. To Book an Appointment Call Us at (708) 584-1075. We Are Located at 2555 Lincoln Highway St. 205A Olympia Fields, IL 60461.

About Duni Women’s Healthcare in Olympia Fields, IL

Our healthcare providers believe in preventative wellness; therefore, Duni Women’s Healthcare offers a wide range of women’s health services including Women’s Wellness Exam, Pap Smear, Menopausal Management, Mammogram and Breast Cancer Screenings.

Early detection of any issue is provided by preventative healthcare and allows our doctor to discuss treatment and options with patients.

When you visit Duni Women’s Healthcare, your doctor may complete a full workup to detect any issues before they arise. Testing may include Laboratory Tests, Colposcopy, Pap Smear, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Screening & Treatment.

Our health care practice also assists with non-gynecological testing. As a proponent of women’s healthcare and wellness, our doctor provides education and management of adolescent and female general health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Our doctors work within each individual scope of practice to promote healthy lifestyles, healthy communities, and a healthy nation. We lead women to better health! We strive to provide the best health and wellness care to all our patients.